17. – 22. OKTOBER 2023


International Competition one #22

14.Oktober 20.30 Uhr | Luchs Kino

International Competition Shorts

Online: available from 12 to 22 October

Film overview

Elevator Alone

Director: Anastasia Papadopoulou

Animation | Greece | 2021 | 03:38 min


Four people and the time they spend in a lift. Inspired by everyday life, Elevator Alone shows all the things we do alone in the cramped cabin, in complete contrast to socially accepted behaviour.

God dress you

Director: Mattia Epifani

Short | Italy | 2021 | 15:00 min


Father Athanasius is a young Orthodox monk living in a monastery in the mountains of Greece. In the midst of an austere life consisting of centuries-old rites, prayers and great silence, Father Athanasius cultivates an irrefutable passion for luxury and high fashion. His behaviour is impeccable, but everything changes when he decides to take a video selfie in his secret room.

The Pattern

Director: Péter Bogyó

Animation | Hungary| 2022 | 13:37 min


In the animated short titled ’The Pattern’ we can see three protagonists who, even though live in separate subjective worlds, they all need the same yellow flower for their happiness. The fat man stranded in a fragmented, surreal world wants to rebuild his house made of honey. The elderly man stuck in an old-timer sci-fi movie feels nostalgic about the environment prior to the devastating robots. The kid living in his playful fantasy world would like to replace his mom’s broken plant.


Director: Sarah Hafner

Short | France | 2021 | 11:24 min


Pollution, global warming, overpopulation, for Jean-Claude and Maddy, there is only one solution: to leave the earth and ask for help from extraterrestrials. But when a little green man comes along to save them, things don't quite go as planned.

Dog's Field

Director: Michalina Musialik

Animation | Poland| 2020 | 11:48 min


Animals closed in a flat with a decomposing corpse of their owner try to survive. In this difficult situation one of the dogs finds out that love for its owner is stronger than animal instinct

4 AM

Director: Mehdi Fikri

Short | France | 2020 | 11:00 min


France, November 2015. After the Paris terror attacks, the state of emergency is proclaimed to facilitate the work of police forces. 4 AM. A policewoman helps colleagues to conduct a search, but soon finds out that things aren’t going the way they’re supposed to.

Back in 5 minutes

Director: Felipe Garrido Archanco

Short | Spain | 2021 |05:00 min


Your life sucks? Back in 5 minutes is a short film structured like a fake commercial break: 11 fictional spots that reflect the language of advertising through the language of advertising itself.

Little Ox

Director: Raf Wathion, Patrick Vandebroeck

Animation | Belgium | 2021 |10:33 min


A young muskox migrates with a small herd through the cold barren tundra. For the hungry young ox the rules of conduct are difficult to fathom. His mother does her best to take care of him. During their journey the herd gets attacked by a pack of wolves, who are after Little Ox.

Time to vote

Director: Santiago Requejo Lopez-Mateos

Short | Spain | 2021 |13:57 min


What starts as an ordinary meeting in a traditional apartment building to vote on the renewal of the lift turns into an unexpected debate about the limits of peaceful coexistence.

Damn It!

Director: Elena Walf

Animation | Germany | 2021 |01:09 min


The ancient battle between good and evil is once again fought out in style.