15. – 20. OKTOBER 2024


Short Film Program Hope #22

16.Oktober 18.00 Uhr | Puschkino

Short films about hope

Online: available from 12 to 22 October

Film overview

The sweet hassle of a first time

Director: Eva Zanen

Short | Netherlands | 2021 |13:00 min


On several split screens, five couples have sex for the first time, with all the associated discomfort that rarely makes it onto the screen. They try to hide the smeared lipstick, the hairs on their tongues, the flabby bellies and the tears of pain or pleasure that lead to their climax sooner or later, or not at all. A carefully choreographed, tragicomic sex film without breasts or buttocks.


Director: Ceres Machado

Short | Spain | 2021 | 10:27 min


Paco tries to convince Mari to make amateur porn videos to solve their financial problems.


Director: Dania Bdeir

Short | Lebanon | 2021 | 15:00 min


A Syrian migrant working as a crane operator in Beirut volunteers for a shift on one of the most dangerous cranes. There he may find the freedom he hopes to find.


Director: Pablo Polledri

Animation | Spain| 2022 | 08:00 min


In this society, every person repeats the same action over and over again, in this society, every person repeats the same action over and over again, in this society, every person repeats the same action over and over again, in this society, every person repeats the same action over and over again....


Director: Jan-David Bolt

Short | Switzerland | 2021 | 06:24 min


Oscar is late. Hands are being shaken and contracts signed in the surrounding skyscrapers. That's the last thing he needs right now. Where do these fucking slugs come from?


Director: Alberto Cano

Animation | Spain| 2021 | 07:00 min


The cold night hangs over the old castle of Frankenstein. Victor, eager to challenge science, sets out to realise his most ambitious plan: to bring his wonderful wife Franceska back to life. With or without the help of Igor, his invaluable and lovelorn assistant, Victor faces the greatest challenge of his career.


Director: Eléna Weiß

Short | Germany| 2021 | 07:40 min


Rike has a serious accident in the forest during one of her cycling tours. Thrown back on her own physical strength and without any technical aids, she fights for survival in an act of enormous strength.


Director: Kristian Xipoias

Short | Italy | 2021 |14:58 min


What would Antonio Ricci, the protagonist of "Bicycle Thieves", do if he lived in Italy in 2021? Maybe he would be like Manfredi, a forty-year-old man, unemployed and without expectations, whose only chance is to become a rider for a delivery service. But for that he needs a bicycle.

Crush On

Director: Chu, Shu-Yu

Animation | Taiwan | 2021 | 04:45 min


The deserted street of a city. A train has crashed into an abandoned flat. A bunch of girls rush out of the train and shamelessly trash the rooms of this flat. The different rooms symbolise different thoughts and the building looks like a boy.


Director: Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli, Candice Behague

Animation | France | 2021 |07:03 min


Beirut, 1982. As Nicolas prepares to flee his hometown, torn apart by an endless civil war, he crosses the path of Naji, a reckless teenager desperate to get into the swimming pool. In an attempt to protect the young man, Nicolas is drawn into a surreal race against war - all because of the hope to go swimming.