17. – 22. OKTOBER 2023


Closing Film of the Festival

16. Oktober 21.00 Uhr

We will stay a little longer

Director: Arash T. Riahi

Feature | Austria 2019 | 115 Minuten

Live Screening at


Kardinal Albrecht Strasse 6 | 06108 Halle

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The refugee children Oskar (Leopold Pallua) and Lilli (Rosa Zant) have been living in Austria for six years, but they still do not have a permanent right to stay. Because their mother resists deportation, Oskar and Lilli are separated from their mother and placed with different foster parents. Secretly, the siblings keep in touch with each other and hope to meet their mother and themselves again soon. With the strength of their love for each other, they try to overcome every bureaucratic hurdle with passion and imagination.

The bittersweet odyssey by Austrian director Arash T. Riahi depicts an emotional rollercoaster ride from the perspective of refugee children, but also tells of a society in which everyone always wants the best and, because they know exactly what that is, continually fails.