9. – 15. OKTOBER 2023


Shortdocs two #22

14.Oktober 18.00 Uhr | Puschkino

International Competition Short Documentary

Online: available from 12 to 22 October

Film overview

A Room Without Doors or Windows

Director: Hendrik Ehlers

Documentary | Germany | 2021 | 10:22 min


September 2011: Night falls in the English countryside. Alone in this strange, dark place, a train of thought and imagination is unleashed that changes my whole world. This experimental essay film follows a long night of the soul to the edge of feeling completely alone in the world and shows me the way back.


Director: Louve Dubuc Babinet

Documentary | Belgium | 2020 | 19:10 min


In a world where the work system is collapsing, Poison is a porn actress and actress. Away from the money and work system, she uses the stage to express her fears, her doubts and her anger and to empower herself.

A part of me

Director: Anna Ryzhkova

Animadoc | Germany| 2021 | 06:44 min


Moving to another country can feel like landing on a new planet. What is it like to lose a part of yourself but gain another?


Director: Claudio Casale

Documentary | Italy | 2021 | 14:34 min


Shabnam was the victim of an acid attack when she was a teenager. Today she is a Shero, a women's rights activist from India who educates her daughter by teaching her the value of beauty and female strength beyond social conventions.

Blessing in Disguise

Director: Kevin Koch, Emma Holzapfel

Animadoc | Germany| 2021 | 04:32 min


Kevin Hines hears voices due to acoustic hallucinations that one day order him to end his life. A hand-drawn documentary about one of the few people to survive a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The general terms and conditions

Director: Amelie Befeldt

Documentary | Germany | 2020 | 20:00 min


Farmer Fritz detests change and continues to run his small farm as usual - dumping prices, periods of drought and digitalisation notwithstanding. His daughter Amelie, a young filmmaker, wants to help him keep the farm. She wants to build up a second livelihood by selling stock footage video clips of everyday farming life online and gets her father, brother and sister-in-law in front of the camera for this. The production goes surprisingly well, they see themselves as a producer community and everyone joins in.

Holding your breathe

Director: Katarzyna Sikorska

Documentary | Poland | 2021 | 14:41 min


Wojtek is an S11 swimmer, a Paralympic silver medallist and European and world champion. He was supposed to become the first blind freediver in Poland. However, the pandemic prevents him from completing his course in one-breath diving and competing in the Olympic Games and other championships. This causes him to reconsider his sporting career.